8/6/11 – After about a year and a half of not playing, I’ve started up a new game, Gamma World – Oasis which I’m hoping will last longer than S.P.I.R.E.

My group has become all but defunct over the last few months, and I blame myself for this; I usually play a reasonably good ringleader, but, it’s difficult in new situations such as the one I’m in, where your local resources dwindle daily. I do intend on getting the game up and going sometime soon; I just don’t want to promise a date. Thank you for writing – I thought my efforts here would simply slide under the radar – I’m glad to see any kind of encouragement, any kind of encouragement, in any format.

It’s time, at the time of this writing, for me to turn in. But, keep in touch. I’m always eager to stay in touch with like-minded adventurers.

All paths lead to Sigil, one way or another, and whether or not you like it, in some cases. Occasionally an unfortunate individual will inadvertently stumble into the ’Cage, and, like some shocked and orphaned animal, will wander aimlessly, afraid and alone…

Sir Horatio has just the place for the lost planar or prime, a humble hospice for those that have lost their way. So if you encounter some clueless pup asking questions that everyone should know the answer to, just lead him right over to the home for Wayward Planars & Primes!